Just a Girl Lost 2

Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.


He Walks in the Footsteps of Kings






















He is a gentle lion

a roaring heart of raging love
His spirit unbreakable
He walks in the footsteps of kings


He lives in a kingdom of his own making

the prince of his domain
and though his tears fall like rain
and his soul suffers unbearable pain
he refuses to relinquish his faith
his hope in life’s beauty
his belief in the uniqueness of all humanity
He is a gentleman of persuasion
weaving passion’s web of erotic invasions
He takes my breath away
as he engages my imagination
He is coiled delight waiting for an acquiesce,
a yes to joining him in a delicious quest
to find nirvana and bliss
in shared light and darkness
He is a mystery I wish to discover
a book to devour ~ cover to cover
To be his in
mind ~ body ~ soul
He and I
Two halves ~ now whole
One love
insatiable ~ fierce and bold