Just a Girl Lost 2

Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.


I want to taste




I want to taste

your deepest everything

your laughter
your tears
your doubts
your fears

your pains
your dreams

your triumphs
your brokenness
your passion and fury
your gentle silences

your divine glory

your irreverence and eccentricities
your playfulness and sweetness
your dominant sensuality
your darkest primitive lusts and fantasies

your thoughtful and serious soul
your every side and facet

I want to be filled to overflowing
with every last drop of you


only you

always you




*”Looking Up” – Malcolm T. Liepke (b. 1953), oil on canvas, 2014

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My Heart

My heart is too unkempt

I can’t let it fall anymore

between the if’s and what if’s

between the shoulds and woulds

between the places you dare not extend your soul


My heart isn’t a plaything

I wish it were


My heart is too severe for those who cannot understand

and perhaps I’m not meant to be understood

it is what it is, being obtuse and obscure

waiting for the One who will finally understand

the complexities of me

and I him

and maybe it’s an impossibility

a dream, just a dream


My heart screams to be heard as it hides from the fray

My heart stands in its own way





American Girl

Make it last all night…





Not Out of Time (with audio)


https://audioboom.com/boos/2543739-not-out-of-time 💔


“I’m fine,” she smiled, as her heart bled blood red. “It’s ok, really,” she said.
“You go on now. Go on your way.
I’ll still breathe.
I’ll still eat & drink.
I’ll remember to brush my teeth.
I’ll still make silly little rhymes in my head.
I’ll talk to people as though
I’m really alive… not dead.

I’ll nod & blink, staring into their cold eyes

pretending I’m listening as their lips move glistening,
spewing hate-filled gossip & arsenic laced observations
about their deranged relations.

I’ll blow a strand of hair up in the air as they rattle on about this & that
and giving tit for tat.

I’ll giggle, just a little, imagining their greedy, needy mouths are fat moth wings
flapping wildly in a hot wind, connected to red moth bodies smeared all over the windshield
of a Camaro going 110.

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Let Joy Be Reborn


Perhaps the hardest lesson in life to learn

is that human Love is never unconditional.

It is impossible for our fallen hearts to love ourselves Complete

We were made from Love

We are made to give Love back, in trust, Complete


But, our broken souls rebel, we dash headlong into hell

Drinking poison lies from cups of pride

Harvested from the Garden well


Covering our naked souls in shame and sadness

Digging earthly tombs made up of madness

We curse the day that we were made

We hate the good Love’s freedom gave

We sneer in derision,

using arrogant intellect with illogical reason

to come to conclusions of human delusion


We empty our hearts of humility

due to our inability to trust,

that perhaps there are higher thoughts

than the ones spun from our broken hearts


We twist the Truth into a noose

of condemnation

becoming prisoners of our

misconceptions of `liberation’


We lament the unfair injustice

of suffering and evil

in a world made up

of men with Free will


We throw rocks at a moon of misunderstanding

As we cower defiant in our hovels of doom

Waiting to be saved~ hating to be saved

Rewriting ancient runes

Believing we rediscover Truth


If only

our hearts were open

Our chains then so easily broken

would free us from pains unspoken

would free us from a childhood broken

so that Love and peace

could break down the walls

around our hearts

as we allow True joy to

be reborn



©justagirllost2  ~Monique Mendez


*image from Pinterest