Just a Girl Lost 2

Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.


I See


When the earth is veiled beneath magic

Heaven’s water droplets of fog

A mist brings blindness to the corruption of man

That’s when my heart flees from my mind

My body sighs as it follows my whims

My racing legs meet wet grass amidst tombstones

I cannot be without the within

of this place of fairy tales and greys

this place where time stands still

where spirits play

where every intrusion disappears

and all that’s left is purity of nothingness

Purity of silence that used to be

before civilizations cacophony

blazed trails of destruction

I feel the dew drip upon me

surrounding me in pieces of soul

of ghosts disembodied yet whole

and for once, for one brief moment,

I am at peace

I see only nature without beams & wires

without man made contrivances

I see only Beauty of lives in an eternal earth

beneath a sun that forever lives

I see me, you, us, all in a dream that is the true reality



*photo mine


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in the presence of Peace,

you feel it

an aura of calm

surrounds the skin

a whisper feathers

ink dipped in letters

no longer tethered

being within

all your past waves good-bye

as you gently glide softly slide

sublime serenity

in blue seas of smiles within no enmity

caressing sweetly

singing of beautiful beings belonging

longing for Love to hold onto

longing for Love to belong to

longing for the day

Love finally finds you



©justagirllost2  ~Monique Mendez

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Happy Easter!




My faith in the Resurrection is the only reason I still live

It is the only thing that has saved me from utter despair

as I weep at the unspeakable cruelties & injustices

suffered by billions of innocent human beings & creatures

as I witness the evil mankind inflicted & still inflicts upon this world

My belief that there is something beyond this life

that Love will defeat Evil

It is the only reason I have never given up hope

It is the only reason I am still able to love

I am not a preacher nor an apologist

I respect the non-belief of others

I only want to share this piece of me

My faith brings me peace in a broken world


Peace and love to you all, my beautiful readers