Just a Girl Lost 2

Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.


I Am Each Living Thing



In setting skies of dusky sighs
my soul glides

I am the drifting clouds touching heaven
I am the dew forming on shards of grass
giving refreshment to a thirsting earth

I am the living blood coursing through all creatures
worn in body from earthly toil

I sing in harmony with the Cicada’s songs
their shadowy music of life & continuations reflect
Love’s eternal hope

My spirit finds solace in the cooling winds
calling from distant vistas of unseen mountains

I am each living thing
Reborn as darkness falls

It is in God’s arms
that I am home



*image of Louisiana swamp, Pinterest

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Home is Where the Heart Is



Fall turns to winter

leaves crack and wither

forlorn branches bare

of beauty unaware


no rustled songs

like fairy wings

as wind moves on

to sweeter things


no shade in the sun

as nature’s glory

takes a fall

but, for creatures small

room for a nest

Home is where

the heart is,

after all



*Image taken from Pinterest





When I hear thunder riding across the sky
in chariots of the gods

I feel small

I feel safe
inside my cozy home

I like knowing that lightning so fierce
won’t strike me
I like hearing the howling wind, knowing it dies
to get in at me
I like feeling the air vibrate & shake
Monsters outside made of rolling clouds
screaming across a sullen sky

I like knowing there is something beyond humanity
Uncontrolled by simple minds & greedy souls
I like knowing there is something beyond our caves & holes
Beyond our electric switches & cars & man-made existence

I like knowing there are storms outside of us


*image from Pinterest