Just a Girl Lost 2

Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.


He Is


He loves me with strong, calloused hands.

He pushes aside wisps of hair to gently kiss my forehead.

His way to wordlessly say, “It’s still ok, you grumpy, unloving, selfish girl . I love every bit and piece of you. I still do.  It’s just me and you and WE will always be ok.”

He laughs when I won’t.

He likes music I don’t, he likes mine too, he never has to choose. He’s an Eclectic demigod of tunes.  A firestorm of moods. He can be as crazy, raunchy, crude, irreverent, lewd, uncontrolled, wild and wicked as the music he listens to.

He is undone watching sad movies, the ones where sports heroes die in the arms of a best friend.

He loves books as if they somehow help him breathe. He reads to me the things that touch him most deeply. He hides nothing of what he’s feeling or thinking. He knows I never judge him & though I may disagree I respect him and always try to see though his eyes.

His openness, trust and complete honesty are the greatest gifts of Love anyone has ever given me.  He allows me to reciprocate. His uncaged heart frees me.

Everything about him screams sexy.  His mind is my Aphrodisiac.  His body is my home. There is no part of me he hasn’t seen. There is nothing I keep from him. To Him only do I belong.

He can split logs and carry them in rain.  He is made of hardest muscle and beard. He is not soft. I love the rugged length of him. The smell of sweat and skin. The way his hands engulf mine. The way his body shields and protects. He makes me feel strong, yet delicate.

He isn’t afraid to Pray, in his own way.

He seeks beyond this world for the greater good and greater Truth.

He Respects all creatures, all life. He lets butterflies rest upon his thumb and never kills bumblebees or fireflies.

His takes no delight in cruelty or another man’s downfall

He is strength with tenderness. A gentle upheaval. A fascinating contradiction.

He is Bold as knights of old. He Protects the innocent, the weak, the bullied, the meek.

He is slow to anger or take offense. He sees all, the bad, the good in those he calls friend.

He does what is right and honorable with courage and strength of conviction.

He is a man of action, a Warrior

He is a Seeker of peace

Hypocrisy he never tolerates. Ignorance he won’t excuse. He never suffers fools.

He has no need for the approval of men. He’s no sheep to be led by irrational emotion. He’s not influenced by the latest trends among politicians, philosophers or the masses.

He is a realist, a pragmatist who sees with the eyes of wisdom and reason.

He is an Idealist, an optimist, a philosopher.

Compelling, passionate, brilliant and fascinating. He challenges my mind, and he delights when mine challenges his.

He is gentility and class. He is confident and secure with his manhood, his place in the world. He is nobility of thought. Justice and honesty are ingrained in his heart.

More than generous, he seeks no adulation or glory for kindnesses

He sacrifices without complaint for those he loves

He gazes into each sun’s rising and setting with wonder and awe. He knows all nature is a masterpiece, a treasure to protect and respect

He shows me reality in colors unseen

He sees beyond what the eyes perceive

In every season he finds hope, no matter how stark the horizon or chilling the breeze

He teaches me unending ways to discover the Beauty in me

Like a rare flower he treasures and cherishes me with every breath

He delights as I bloom beneath his care. He is never threatened by my strength. He could crush me in an instant, I trust him completely. I am fearless and free within the fortress of him

He is my Protector, my Avenger

He is my Savior, my soulmate, my biggest fan, my most ardent, attentive Lover

He is my best friend

He found me when I was alone, unguarded, unmasked. He SAW into me and still stayed around. I know it’s meant to last

He is Man ~ He is my Love

He walks this earth

My Soul’s Mate known and expected

since before time began

I will wait a lifetime

to walk beside him once again

Hand in Hand





The Moment I Saw You





The moment I saw you

Time stood still

I was lost~ entranced

as three Fates wove us into dance

the Earth un-spun forgot her place

but, for the gods her saving grace

The smitten Wind, tame as a lamb

laughed at the Sun sudden shy

blushing in clouds behind the sky


Under your spell Life hypnotized

and then

you looked into my eyes

You touched my soul

I held your light

a universe returned to right

Blue carousel spinning again

Chariot of gods, ghost horses ran

all frenzied haste to beat the sand


My thundering heart

the only sound

whirlwind of thoughts

spinning me round

invading skin ~ heaven and sin

tasting life ~ drowning within

a newborn joy ~ beyond the breach

love’s miracle ~ within my reach


A brave new world

finally found

Lost in a place 

I’d never known

A place deeper

than skin and bone

A place my Soul 

knew all along

the place was You

the place was Home




*endlessly, an Ink on Paper by LOUI JOVER  





HE is

confident  cool  mysterious

infinite fascinations


HE is

dangerous  charming

So, so bad and deliciously


Unattainable it seems,

but he is  private, thoughtful

doesn’t take lightly

the one he chooses to adore


HE is

so beautiful

so rare, so loved

a masterpiece

a fallen angel

heart’s every desire

come to life

a man like no other


HE is

every music

every season

every touch

every reason


HE is 

subterranean depths

Love’s forbidden fruit


He is

holiness ~ purity

corruptions ~ seductions

darkness ~ decadence

sweetness  freedom  joy

passion  desire  pleasure

addictive delicious pain


HE is

meant to be

adored and treasured

He needs someone

who holds his magic




deserves a girl

that will truly see him

who will join him

in mutual

giving and receiving

of deepest desires and dreams



needs to be held safe

within the arms


heart of the One

who brings joy

to his world



needs a Love

he can trust completely

mind ~ body ~ soul



needs to be mine





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All Over Again

Weekends together ~ just us two

Lying on lazy piles of pillows & clothes

tossed haphazardly in frenzied haste

after a night out of agonizing foreplay

consumed us with the need to taste each other’s flesh

I look up at you ~ I adore drowning in the depths of your eyes

I leisurely trace the life line of your palm,

loving the silence of our quiet togetherness

Peacefully reading~not watching the news

because we NEVER argue politics on Sundays

I long to be found in your smile

as you grab me & nuzzle my neck,

whispering how delicious & delectable is my nakedness,

except for those Damn socks! that I only take off in the shower

or if we’re making love or if we’re in the shower making love

I giggle as you tickle & bite, feeling your growl,

shivers run through me as I see that look in your eyes

letting me know that NOW it’s time to take them off …

And afterwards, sated & content

lying entwined ~ blissfully spent

your heartbeat on mine

I want to find you ~ all over again




*image taken from Pinterest

~ a repost and a forever wish waiting to come true…

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A True Friend



I adore that we can be so different, polar opposites in our political and religious beliefs, the things that create division, destroy families and societies, yet we somehow rise above it in the mutual acceptance of never changing another’s truth, out of love.

I adore that we can see beyond the mind into the heart.

I adore that the only thing that matters is that we share the same view of what it means to truly love.

I adore those rare souls who seek out ours and see beautiful things in us and we become more beautiful in the warmth of a thousand suns from their hearts offering the most inspiring kind of love.

A perfect form of love becomes possible only in the bonds of friendship.

A true friend chooses you because of who you are.

A true friend doesn’t judge you when you fall, they simply love you.

A true friend gives you gentle honesty when you need to hear the truth and they respect you, they never try to fix you into who they think you need to be.


And ever so often, a true friend can become so much more…




He Walks in the Footsteps of Kings






















He is a gentle lion

a roaring heart of raging love
His spirit unbreakable
He walks in the footsteps of kings


He lives in a kingdom of his own making

the prince of his domain
and though his tears fall like rain
and his soul suffers unbearable pain
he refuses to relinquish his faith
his hope in life’s beauty
his belief in the uniqueness of all humanity
He is a gentleman of persuasion
weaving passion’s web of erotic invasions
He takes my breath away
as he engages my imagination
He is coiled delight waiting for an acquiesce,
a yes to joining him in a delicious quest
to find nirvana and bliss
in shared light and darkness
He is a mystery I wish to discover
a book to devour ~ cover to cover
To be his in
mind ~ body ~ soul
He and I
Two halves ~ now whole
One love
insatiable ~ fierce and bold


I Dance Again



His desire

has dusted away

derelictions of words

hidden in my heart


He has rebuilt

the dilapidated ruins

of my song


I dance again,

with him I roam

I dance again,

with him

I’m home




*image from Pinterest