Just a Girl Lost 2

Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.


His lying eyes



It was never love

he never loved me

because if now

when he’s angry

he throws knives in my back

of the words I gifted him about my children & family

of the pains I confided to him with open trust as if he were the friend he said he was, but

if now, as then he doesn’t get his way he again, as always goes into demented tirades

he uses any insult, steely cruelty and hateful name

he uses my every vulnerability gleefully against me

He lied, he always has, he still does he lies about who he doesn’t lovehe lies to them about me

He lies about me to everyone

He never changed, he never changes, he only rearranges to manipulate and use

He lives to confuse

to abuse, his modus operandi

He always was and always will be un true, untrustworthy, completely duplicitous, cunningly cruel

I thank God every day that I had the wisdom to get away

I thank God that I saw the red flags of his hate

I thank God for giving me the strength to truly love me

no matter how many times he who claimed to love me tried to destroy, control and dishonor me

I can only pray that he never preys on another’s open heart

I can only pray that they are given the grace to see thru his deceiving light

to truly see the devil behind his smiling, beguiling, love defiling

lying eyes









Bye, Bygone

You are un-favorited
A wad in a trashcan

A crumpled paper bag, biodegradable, of course

You are un-wished upon
A dandelion redone

A star un-fallen

No message in a bottle

An unblown horn

You are unborn to me

Gone to me

Bye, bygone



I just need to breathe


I’m so sick of the mind games, the soul games, the manipulations

I’m so sick of the tantrum throwers, the whiners, the why me’ers?

I’m so sick of being misread, misunderstood, mislead

I’m so sick of fools and their endless cruelties~ I have feelings, I FEEL pain too

I’m so sick of being endlessly slandered and stripped of my dignity by ones who claim to know me

*YOU DON’T know the first thing about me or what’s inside my mind, my heart, my soul.  You NEVER truly knew me at all

I’m so sick of the jealousy and envy and arrogant stupidity

I’m so sick of the narcissistic, the deluded, the smugly insane who attack with poetry and stalk with impunity

I’m so sick of the liars and lies

I’m so sick of hollowed out hearts dying to bleed others dry


I just need to set myself free~ I just need to breathe





*photo from Pinterest





the Lie ~ root of all evil



I never underestimate Liars,

even the deluded ones

The best thing is to cut all ties

They are like a toxic cloud of poison gas you can’t escape

They live to destroy anything that threatens their false happiness

They can’t survive the light of Truth

Their greatest fear is being exposed for who they truly are

I hold not one ounce of pity or sympathy for them in my heart

I’m not swayed by their song & dance as Poor poor, pitiful victim

It’s all a smokescreen, an emotional manipulation

They use what they know about you to inflict guilt,

or gain sympathy & make you drop your guard

They either NEED you  or  they want to HURT you

You’re nothing but a means to an end

or fodder for their lusts & ego

The charm & kindness is just an act,

loyal to no one, you can go

from friend to enemy in a heartbeat

The Lie is “Precious”,

nothing else exists

My advice,  slowly back away

say a prayer for them, miracles do happen

say a prayer for you & who ever is in their orbit

& keep some holy water handy,

just in case … ;p





*photo by Oleg Dou