Just a Girl Lost 2

Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.

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Excess in
tempting fate
not death, but
flights of fancy
higher highest high
touching heaven
rips the veil
break on thru to
the other side
mystic oceans
flames of color
inhale new life
sex lust like candy
bliss wicked holy
drowning dancing
drenching laughter
ride the waves
race the moon
Angels sun stars
dance out
Love’s song of Your
eternal name

*a poem I wrote for #poeticsighs on Instagram



Bits and Pieces



I can count the times in my life that I’ve gone all out for others

in close friendships or

for those who needed my help or

for those I felt a burning desire and lust or

for those I love, love, Loved and

all those times when I have, I’ve gone a little, no, a lot crazy because of my naturally flawed

yet seeking to be a perfectionist with my all or nothing temperament

If I love, (and I seldom do) I love hard.

I play hard. I never play unless it’s to win and I never give up.

I’m an idiot more often than not when it comes to love, but I’m never a half-ass it Idiot.

I’m insatiable with my lovers. I’ve yet to find the perfect one with the same incessant need for my body as I have for his.

When I give, I give everything I have. I give my heart~my mind~my body (when applicable)

and I would also give up the love of my life to save their soul. A soulmate means to love infinitely, eternally in heaven.

I’m infinitely a sinner with infinite faith and hope.

I would kill to protect the defenseless, the innocent and the weak against the Evil and Unjust.

I despise ignorance, hypocrisy, illogic, lies and all evil, especially those evils done in the name of altruism.

I would try to withstand any torture and I would give my last drop of blood to keep those I love alive.

I don’t know who I truly am sometimes and I know I have failed so often at love,

but the bits and pieces I have given have been the best of me and I will do it over and over again until it’s done perfectly