Just a Girl Lost 2

Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.


and the Moral IS…

She’s at defcon1 delusional, though no one knows it yet

She seems more intense than insane, if only they heard the voices in her head

She has a secret world.  Her safe haven of HIM.

He SPEAKS to her through his SOUL.  She feels him in every breath.

She knows that he hides behind smiles and silly lies to other girls, while inside he’s crying, slowly dying, reaching out  to HER, his one and only.

He doesn’t have the sight to see his plight!  He needs to be rescued back into her soul of healing light. Hers is the sweetest touch. Her gift of TRUST to HIM means so very much.

She knows he resists in fear of needing her so much. A LOVE like theirs invokes pure terror, the waters of her love are so DEEP.

It’s just a defense mechanism his subconscious uses when he falls under the spells of shallow, stupid girls who know NOTHING about HIM. Who only cater to his weaknesses of the FLESH not his heart and soul the ways only SHE does.


No matter what it takes, no matter how far she has to go,  no matter how long she has to wait, and no matter what sacrifices she has to make, SHE WILL get him BACK!

But, first she has to get around the ONLY obstacle in her way.  She MUST solve the mystery of WHY he let her go in the 1st place.

He’d given some trite speeches of things she knew he didn’t mean.  He said life was busy, wasn’t interested anymore, he needed time to himself, she was sweet, but it was over…

blah, blah, and blah…

Sigh, that poor, poor gentle soul.  That kind, sweet man.  It was his fear talking and it just made her LOVE him MORE, especially when he started writing secret messages to her!  He was just shy, and it was his way he preferred to communicate.  He STILL loved her, that crazy, silly, wonderful fool *sigh*

He wrote, she smiled inside knowing all his little signs.  He pretended to be cool and indifferent, she knew he just needed patience  & time. It was Her test of love and she bore the pain with such unselfish grace and persistence.  She was TRUE to only HIM.  She ignored ALL other men! 

And Still, he held himself away! What WAS it about the other girls that distracted him?   She KNEW it wasn’t their minds, hers was melded to his already!  She KNEW it wasn’t their inelegant, uncouth hearts pining for him.  She KNEW they didn’t have a SOUL connection to him like she did. She was just as exquisite, beautiful, desirable, captivating, sensual, adorable, divine as the mysterious muse he always described.  She was more! She had inner virtue and angelic light!

What WAS it then??

Finally… after loooong nights of studying every single girl, every comment, every poem, every line, every picture over & over… She solved the mystery!!  She KNEW What made ALL those girls different in his veiled & confused mind.

His ‘Crutch of Fear’  the only reason he latched on to other girls when he REALLY DEEP DOWN loved her!  He NEEDED to let his love OUT and face his fear.  She would make certain he’d not have any reason or excuse for not wanting her, and it was so simple too!

Those stupid, stupid girls he liked so much, ALL had tiny brains in TINY heads. Stupid twits stealing his love, all because they had teeny tiny skulls smaller than HERS!

She’d show them!  Love always wins.  He and she were CONNECTED across space and time. He would finally see her beautiful heart and all the things she’d given up. By the Power of HER Love she would COMPEL him to see the TRUTH! He’d have NO MORE excuses now! SHE’D WON!

All she had to do was change one thing, just one thing and he’d be back in her loving arms FOREVER and EVER and EVER …. and EVER more!


She smiled as she taped her note onto the windshield of his car…

*TO:  (him)

HI you Handsome Man!  PLEASE read this, ok?  It’s very important!  I’ve put ALL my TRUST in YOU, so I KNOW you will do it. *smiles*

A doctor. from Guatemala, I forget his name, anyway, he lives in the basement of our housekeeper’s cousin, and he’s going to meet me in the city park’s infirmary tonight! (after it closes) He’s going to fix something for me… Please, wish me luck? *smiles*

Oh, and you need to pick me up at 11pm cause I won’t be able to drive (anesthesia & whatnot)

Just go behind the park where you’ll see the pool entrance. The door will be unlocked.

I am going to have a BIG *small* hahahaha SURPRISE!!!  And then MY ONLY LOVE, our lives will change FOREVER. It’s time, finally time, for our LOVE to begin!

Trust me… Feel my thoughts like I feel YOURS

I LUV YOU !!  (me)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~

( He reread the message)

It was 10:55 pm…

He walked past the Olympic size pool, his footsteps echoed then squished as eerie shadows danced on the wall

He saw a dim light and followed it down a dank hallway to a room.

The sign on the door read, ‘Infirmary’

(this must me where she is… why is there a buzzing in my head?)

He slowly opened it and he saw

a world gone completely mad…




and the Moral of this little tale?

Love’s a bitch, unreciprocated


Never, ever let obsession & delusion share a bed,

’cause first you’ll lose your mind and then you’ll lose your head


the end



*my first attempt at short, short, very short horror story writing


UnBirthday Tea and Me


Fall, fall down

the rabbit hole with me

We’ll paint the roses

red & green

I’ll pour UnBirthday tea

& serve my crumpets

then we’ll mad dash behind

the tall mushrooms

to hide from all the silly strumpets


©justagirllost2 ~ M. Mendez

 *Underwater Tea Parties – Alice in Wonderland Goes Under the Sea in Elena Kalis’ Photos (GALLERY) found on Polyvore