Just a Girl Lost 2

Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.


I Don’t Have All the Words


I don’t hold

all the words,

but I wish I did


I feel them screaming

beneath my skin


Rememberings of me


I learned how


shut up

shut out

shut down


forget I existed


That is the past


as God is my witness

it will hurt me never again





*top image: Sergei Sviatchenko

*bottom image: Allison Rathan


What is there left?



When the words hurt

too much to write


Where do I go?

What do I do?

How do I hide?


When the chaos

lingers & drips,

bleeding inside,

I slowly die

without writing it


My soul un-crying itself

to death


So, tell me,

what is there left?





Hummingbird Heart

A hummingbird heart beats
‘Courage heart, courage!’
An open hand reaches out
‘Steady hand, steady’
A smile of love & acceptance waiting for his
‘Believe love, believe!’
Stricken eyes fill
with tears
of deepest sadness
as he turns
& slams the door
with no expression
or hint of madness
A once beating heart
now ripped apart
broken into
dead bits & pieces
A lost girl sits on the floor
rocking & staring & rocking & staring
as life slowly deceases
One last whisper escapes her
‘No more, no more,
please, no more’
 ©justagirllost2~ Monique M.
*image taken from Pinterest

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It Doesn’t Matter Anymore


It doesn’t matter anymore

where the tears end or begin

because no matter how

perfect I try to be

love will never fly to me


It doesn’t matter anymore

if you might be him

I cannot bear the silence

pain and wondering


It doesn’t matter anymore

if hope once lived

I’m never accepted

despite my sins


It doesn’t matter anymore


these walls I will rebuild again

it’s safer to be locked in an ivory tower

alone within my hell again



©justagirllost2  ~Monique


I Need You


I am bone weary

worn from life


I need to be wrapped up

in your arms, held tight


I need to have you wipe away my tears

as if sacred oil I anoint you with


I need you to just tell me, “I’m here.”



©justagirllost2 ~ Monique


The King of Lies



My Love obscene
Condemned to die
by a court of One
a King of Lies

Thief of my thoughts
this Judas Priest
Blackmailer punk
My soul sold cheap
carried his cross
Led on his leash

A genius of insanity
With gifts of dirt
& blasphemies
he buried me
he clipped my wings
Rabid for
a special treat

In recompense for my sin
I lay upon
stripped to skin

His Holy Grail
my bed of nails
His every pain
I bled for him

Oh, how he loved
to watch me die


©justagirllost2 ~ Monique

* image by Lithuanian photographer Algis Griškevičius.


No More Naked Words of Me



No more naked words of me

I’ll share with unfit company

No more pearls to swine
wallowing in malicious pits
of rhyme

greedily feeding upon frenemies
in snide remarks they crassly snort
from gaping cavities

Cackling round cauldrons
stirring up slander
in smiles & sabotage

Envy & insecurities form friendships
Coven’s of commonalities
whose Joyous glee
derives from wHine & inflicting cruelty

Hating the me that they create
from moldy thoughts
& evil hearts
their misery needs company
to justify impiety

Lying eyes see only lies
venomous bites
contort distort truth as alibis
to fit inside
their teeny tiny twisted minds



*reposting this piece because,

so often these temporary feelings of pain resurface,

unfortunate lows in the mostly highs that come

from exposing your thoughts & heart in permanent ink.


*photo mine