Just a Girl Lost 2

Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.


He Needs to be Mine



HE is

confident  cool  mysterious

infinite fascinations


HE is

dangerous  charming

So, so bad and deliciously


Unattainable it seems,

but he is  private, thoughtful

doesn’t take lightly

the one he chooses to adore


HE is

so beautiful

so rare, so loved

a masterpiece

a fallen angel

heart’s every desire

come to life

a man like no other


HE is

every music

every season

every touch

every reason


HE is 

subterranean depths

Love’s forbidden fruit


He is

holiness ~ purity

corruptions ~ seductions

darkness ~ decadence

sweetness  freedom  joy

passion  desire  pleasure

addictive delicious pain


HE is

meant to be

adored and treasured

He needs someone

who holds his magic




deserves a girl

that will truly see him

who will join him

in mutual

giving and receiving

of deepest desires and dreams



needs to be held safe

within the arms


heart of the One

who brings joy

to his world



needs a Love

he can trust completely

mind ~ body ~ soul



needs to be mine






Speak Scream

Speak scream

your intentions

I’m one of those obtuse fools
who need to be spoken to

in plain English

I can’t even read

my own damn mind


Come to me

where there are

no lying prying eyes

Come to me

away from they

who salivate

to misconstrue

Come to me

in our own

summer solstice

of blue





I Dance Again



His desire

has dusted away

derelictions of words

hidden in my heart


He has rebuilt

the dilapidated ruins

of my song


I dance again,

with him I roam

I dance again,

with him

I’m home




*image from Pinterest


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The day they met

She already saw

His words & hers


danced before

Fulfilling poetic


Two souls in tomes

of destiny

She knew his hands

and heart

In her unsorrows

of all tomorrows

Her flaws fit his

In sweet


Love adored into art

by his direction



*image from Pinterest



Never Shy


image (6)



Though the flowers shy from the sun

You are too filled with love to hide

your beauty from the light

Never be afraid of your song

Forever sing out loud

Never dull your shine

Forever live undone



*photo mine


Sweet Ruin

*I wrote this piece over a year ago.  I did a recording. I hate the recording, but I like the fact that it is kind of diary of my voice & my writing.

A way to keep the originality of my compositions. I shall definitely be re-recording this poem, because it is one of my favorites.

This piece still resonates very much today as it did over a year ago.

I apologize for the uncouth, tacky, breathy recitation.  I got swept up in the moment , blame my Muse… 😉





Make me your goddess

on you altar I wait

my body~ your offering

I sacrifice to you~ all of me


My lips~ bite them

tantalize them to bits

of devoured bliss

my neck adore

with your teeth


I want delicate bruises

along the insides of my thighs

from your fingertips


Crush my hips with yours

as we join again & again

Every inch of my skin

aches for you


Speak to me

in tongues

of your lust


Speak to me

of my sweet ruin