Just a Girl Lost 2

Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.


the heart is always home




Steel and silk

by Fate’s design

a lifetime woven

Our threads entwined

the silence stolen

with just one touch,

One sweet soft whisper

a kindred spark


as my eyes met yours


you suddenly

awakened me

You stormed

the distance

In you i found

my beautiful affliction

Falling tumbling

down your rabbit hole

cured by you, uncaged

made whole

Like a bird i fly

I’m real

With you i’m free

untethered ~ bold

In your skies of blue

a paradise of two

forbidden dreams

come true


Your words alive

every line

I inject inside

I taste your thoughts

rushing thru my veins

Firestorms of impiety

restrained imaginings

invade me in strains

of secrets

my body taunts

and mocks

my fear of you,

my greatest weakness


Without mercy

I hear you calling

you own my heart

I know you need me


I know in you

I’m forever lost



my perfect drug

my dangerous addiction



all i ever feel ~ all i ever want

all i ever crave ~ all i ever need

Only you feed my famished heart

Only you write my hidden parts


In your soul’s deepest dark

with me recreate

your spiritual art

In my desires i taste yours

I’ve known your voice

beyond lifetimes

and distance shores


You live

inside me now and forever

Within you lay so many unwritten songs

Within you is where i belong

You are

where i know

I’m finally home







the best of me


I beg you never change, unseen

I yearn to stroke your naked being

reflecting back your darkest dreams

I’ll give you all the best of me








All of Me

I am unafraid
of your demons
Your every darkness
I embrace
I have already felt
the heaven in your heart
Desire for you crashes into me
Relentless waves of wanting
I’m drowning in this lust
Slick need slides
in rivulets
down my thighs
I ache to be explored
Every delicious inch
Every sin I seek to savor
Licking each new
delicious flavor
off your skin
I want to wake your beast
Mark me
with the story of Us
this Love~this twisted Lust
Taste my wildness
My animal hidden beneath
My impure cravings unleash
I want to know
your every secret
too dark
for civilized society
Let me
Your deepest fantasies
Release them
In me~ on me
My body is yours
Your playground of pleasure
My yearnings~my burnings
Make me beg~master me
Take my offering
Take everything
Take all of me
*Artist: Malcolm T. Liepke

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My Everything in Dreams



You have always existed

in a place

hidden within me


Your Cinderella

locked in a tower

of forbidden fantasy


A once upon a time

I never dared dream

where I, an unworldly
simple maiden unseen

could somehow

captivate, enchant

and win the heart

of the most

sought after,  adored,

loved and desired King



a Poet ~ a Prince

weaver of every woman’s



My once upon a time

My everything

no longer unseen


Our eyes meet

Two hearts beat

as One


Our Love

a reality

Our kingdom

finally come




*Sleeping Beauty, 1878 ~ Ludwig Sussmann Hellborn


His Words Are Silk



His words are silk

His pen drips



across the page


creamy milk

in ribbons

of rain


She drinks them in

her tongue






bitten lips


On fire

she’s Wet

as she



on fire

for him




*photo mine


Astral Plains


I have flown

upon astral plains

at night

in dreams

of sad refrains


For, the stars

are only dead lights

Alive by sight


Long, long gone

Masks in the sky

A cosmic illusion

of what was,

not what is


A time warp of energy

reaching out to me

reminding me

of who I used to be


I wonder where they go to live,

once they unquietly die?




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A dream of two dogs



I had a dream the other night. My dreams are always strange even in relation to the strange dreams of others

This one included high-priced, fast, futuristic automobiles and a mansion filled with people, a bank, every luxury and me running half-naked through it.

It evolved into a house with two dogs. One buff colored and one black. The black one was my favorite and for some reason the buff one suddenly turned on it and attacked it, bloodied it, bit me in the process. I was so angry at the people with me because I had told them to keep the dogs separated. They never listened and the rest of my dream was spent keeping the dogs apart after having them stitched up.

My dream also included a first cousin of my mother’s whom I call Aunt Judy. She was berating me and even followed me into the bathroom. (that meaning is obvious because she is a negative old prune)

The rest of the dream led into me having a purse filled to overflowing, a suitcase packed to overflowing and not being able to get out and buy a bottle of vodka I really wanted to buy.

I was exhausted when I woke.

I always ponder my dreams.  Maybe the two dogs represent two sides of me. I have no idea.

I also had a premonition dream two nights ago.  That’s another story…


©justagirllost2~ Monique Mendez

*photo from Pinterest