Just a Girl Lost 2

Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.

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Never meant to love or be loved


Only to hate is your drug


Never truth to tell

Only death & lies on you I smell


Never to bring peace

Only to divide & conquer you seek


Subhuman monster

game playing freak

betrayer of my heart


I’m leaving you now

in hell

to rip yourself




©justagirllost2~ M. Mendez

*image from Pinterest



Hummingbird Heart

A hummingbird heart beats
‘Courage heart, courage!’
An open hand reaches out
‘Steady hand, steady’
A smile of love & acceptance waiting for his
‘Believe love, believe!’
Stricken eyes fill
with tears
of deepest sadness
as he turns
& slams the door
with no expression
or hint of madness
A once beating heart
now ripped apart
broken into
dead bits & pieces
A lost girl sits on the floor
rocking & staring & rocking & staring
as life slowly deceases
One last whisper escapes her
‘No more, no more,
please, no more’
 ©justagirllost2~ Monique M.
*image taken from Pinterest


Tawdry Hearts



A fetish for pretty minds
He captured with his eyes

Happily chained in darkness
by their devotion blind

Puppets swinging on meathook candy canes

Betraying betrayers always his favorite game

He got off on crushing
tawdry hearts without shame





*art by Kassandra