Just a Girl Lost 2

Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.


The King of Lies


My Love obscene
Condemned to die
by a court of One
a King of Lies
Thief of my thoughts
this Judas Priest
Blackmailer punk
My soul sold cheap
carried his cross
Led on his leash
A genius of insanity
With gifts of dirt
& blasphemies
he buried me
he clipped my wings
Rabid for
a special treat
In recompense for my sin
I lay upon
stripped to skin
His Holy Grail
my bed of nails
His every pain
I bled for him
how he loved
to watch me die


  • image by Lithuanian photographer Algis Griškevičius.

*in honor of #arielpoets I’m reposting this. The theme @arielpoets this month of January is Betrayal


my forever craves


your touch

skin frenzy whispers

your words

balm honeyed dictions

collide blaze high


i’m cured ~ i’m cursed

my new affliction

unleashed, i’m real

like a bird i fly

i soar ~ i feel

i’m electric love

in a paradise

of your words, your mind

you reveal my heart

every piece of you

crashes thru my veins

kamikaze lust

rapture calls my name

you’re the living blood

pumping thru my heart

you’re the only soul

my forever craves




*image ~ Ansuya by Keith Drosin




Besiege Me



Besiege me


No gentle persuasions

No sweet nothing conversations

No feathery teasings

No playful pleasings

Not this day~ not this way


I’m burning in desire~an infernal fire

an agonizing ache only you can sate

Strike hard~ don’t stop

take unfair advantage

take All I’ve got



an intoxicating rush

an overdose of lust


Your words

my drug

my perfect high


My heart flies free


in your poetry

this epic legend of Us



my One & only Master

of my every part

You keep me safe

You own my heart


Enslave me

Invade me

without remorse

Claim me

Conquer all my fears

My heart~My mind~my soul~my tears


Map me in Love’s explorations

of every carnal need & craving


Your violations I seek upon my body~unrelenting

Your pent up fury, please unleash

Your darkest havoc wreck on me


Make Love~make War

Make your Peace

Mark me

let me tame your beast


Re-create me in

dominations of deviations

Darkest deep

those that lay in wait

Buried beneath

the mask of your humanity


Leave no civilized trace

of Mercy’s grace

upon my skin


Take me to the new World

of your creation

In you I find my destination

My dream come true

You are my life’s beginning new


Find yourself again in me

I wait

I long to set you free

My only Love~ my King

My other half~ my Destiny


Only you~ always you

I beg to Beseige me