Just a Girl Lost 2

Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.


Fallen Silk



Fallen silk



to the floor

with each breath

a little bit more

of her fear

slips away

a puddle of blue lay

at her feet

with a sigh

she accepts her fate

as she walks into the arms

she knows

will forever protect

& keep her safe


artwork ~Liliana by Taras Loboda



I am the Storm




I have withstood the storms
Hells, yet to be born

I’ve withstood
dark waters of remorse
Slashing me

skin to bone

Pulling me down
again and again
To drown
again and again

I’ve stared into the mirror
of who I am
undead eyes

sliced open wide
to all my inabilities

gutted bleeding inside

Seeing who I was not
Whom I forgot
Always wishing
I’d never looked within

Dying to be struck blind

once again

Until I finally knew,
in the stone cold

silence of emptiness
standing still
in deepest hell

an abyss
of noone


of nothingness


I found the Truth

I saw the sun

I am the sin
the undone

complete, unwhole

yet begun

I am the beauty behind every cloud

I am the light peering
beneath death’s shroud

I am the storm


©justagirllost2 ~ Monique



He is more 



He is

more than poetry,

though it is more than mere poetry he pens


He is

more than fantasy,

though he weaves words into magic & dreams


He is

more than strength

of character and countenance


more than stern wisdom

wrapped in decadent intellect


more than brilliant wit

and enticing recitations


He is so much more

to me



*art by Fabian Perez 1967


Forsaking, for you

Forsaking all others, for you

for me

Forsaking all other attention, admiration

all interesting, fascinating observations about life

All places they’ve been and things they’ve seen

All histories they’ve made, all promises they gave

Forsaking all special touches

Pet names, sweet nothing refrains

Forsaking all marks made upon their souls

Forsaking all memories brought to their grave

Forsaking all that for another

For you, forever

That is love