Just a Girl Lost 2

Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.


They all lead me to you 


My mind~heart~body~soul

races, beats, aches and dreams

in a million, billion directions

unseen & they all lead

to this moment,

the only one with you in it

Our infinity, us indefinitely

All that you are

All of you leads me

calls me always,

back from the brink

Believe me

you never leave me

I always take my path

back to you



*photo from Pinterest


Tell Me 




Tell me what you love

about me


Tell me what you love

about my face

my eyes~ my smile


Tell me what you love


my quirks

and eccentricities

my little ways

that endear you to me


Tell me what about me

sets fire

to your heart,

ignites your passions

and wants

burning away all others

in your memory


Tell me what makes your body

come alive

when you think of me


Tell me what delicious ~ dark 

fantasies you wish to live

with me


Tell me how I make

your heart

beat faster

when you see my name

and read my poetry


Tell me about everything

you seek

Everything you believe

and dream


Tell me how I make you sing

in ways beautiful

easy and new

as I learn from you


Tell me as you

take my hand

as I forsake all


for only you



*photo not mine

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in the presence of Peace,

you feel it

an aura of calm

surrounds the skin

a whisper feathers

ink dipped in letters

no longer tethered

being within

all your past waves good-bye

as you gently glide softly slide

sublime serenity

in blue seas of smiles within no enmity

caressing sweetly

singing of beautiful beings belonging

longing for Love to hold onto

longing for Love to belong to

longing for the day

Love finally finds you



©justagirllost2  ~Monique Mendez

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Home is Where the Heart Is



Fall turns to winter

leaves crack and wither

forlorn branches bare

of beauty unaware


no rustled songs

like fairy wings

as wind moves on

to sweeter things


no shade in the sun

as nature’s glory

takes a fall

but, for creatures small

room for a nest

Home is where

the heart is,

after all



*Image taken from Pinterest