Just a Girl Lost 2

Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.


Enter the Sky


The sky is my greatest joy


All I wanna do is fly

Tasting slices of juicy sunshine

Swooping fast ~ teasing the wind


Dancing on clouds

as rain and thunder

create a symphony unhinged


Perhaps I was a bird

in another


and in the next

I’ll fly again



*image~ Christian Schloe, “Enter the Sky”



She took her Crazy




She took her Crazy for long walks,

on a diamond studded leash.

The mailboxes never stood a chance,

when the storms began to dance,


she smiled and shined

the whole damn time.


©justagirllost2~ Monique

*photo mine


Let Joy Be Reborn


Perhaps the hardest lesson in life to learn

is that human Love is never unconditional.

It is impossible for our fallen hearts to love ourselves Complete

We were made from Love

We are made to give Love back, in trust, Complete


But, our broken souls rebel, we dash headlong into hell

Drinking poison lies from cups of pride

Harvested from the Garden well


Covering our naked souls in shame and sadness

Digging earthly tombs made up of madness

We curse the day that we were made

We hate the good Love’s freedom gave

We sneer in derision,

using arrogant intellect with illogical reason

to come to conclusions of human delusion


We empty our hearts of humility

due to our inability to trust,

that perhaps there are higher thoughts

than the ones spun from our broken hearts


We twist the Truth into a noose

of condemnation

becoming prisoners of our

misconceptions of `liberation’


We lament the unfair injustice

of suffering and evil

in a world made up

of men with Free will


We throw rocks at a moon of misunderstanding

As we cower defiant in our hovels of doom

Waiting to be saved~ hating to be saved

Rewriting ancient runes

Believing we rediscover Truth


If only

our hearts were open

Our chains then so easily broken

would free us from pains unspoken

would free us from a childhood broken

so that Love and peace

could break down the walls

around our hearts

as we allow True joy to

be reborn



©justagirllost2  ~Monique Mendez


*image from Pinterest

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Poets ~Painters ~Scribes


Every one of you paint Love

upon every wall you touch

Your beauty burns larger than life

bringing shadows to light


You poets & dreamers

You lovers & schemers

You saintly sinners & believers

You spinners of song & eternal romantics

You gods & goddesses, such beautiful humans

You inspire~amaze~astound~delight

of truest blue

your music breathes life

into a universe so often gone wrong

You are everything pure

You bring every joy

to this little piece of home



©justagirllost2 ~ Monique

*street art found on Pinterest

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Your Stripes

Do not change your stripes for me

Every color of you I long to see

Dirty greys of souls betrayed

Reds of bloodlust and greed

Whites of noble love pristine

Blackest fears you hide unseen

Every shadowy deviance dreamed

Every sin of unbelief

deliver unto me

my love will heal your grief

In all of you I believe unconditionally

Every shade of you bathes me

in the chaos I seek

Your soul and mine,

beautifully incomplete

completely meant to Be


©justagirllost2 ~ Monique