Just a Girl Lost 2

Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.


Fallen Silk



Fallen silk



to the floor

with each breath

a little bit more

of her fear

slips away

a puddle of blue lay

at her feet

with a sigh

she accepts her fate

as she walks into the arms

she knows

will forever protect

& keep her safe


artwork ~Liliana by Taras Loboda



Not Out of Time (with audio)


https://audioboom.com/boos/2543739-not-out-of-time 💔


“I’m fine,” she smiled, as her heart bled blood red. “It’s ok, really,” she said.
“You go on now. Go on your way.
I’ll still breathe.
I’ll still eat & drink.
I’ll remember to brush my teeth.
I’ll still make silly little rhymes in my head.
I’ll talk to people as though
I’m really alive… not dead.

I’ll nod & blink, staring into their cold eyes

pretending I’m listening as their lips move glistening,
spewing hate-filled gossip & arsenic laced observations
about their deranged relations.

I’ll blow a strand of hair up in the air as they rattle on about this & that
and giving tit for tat.

I’ll giggle, just a little, imagining their greedy, needy mouths are fat moth wings
flapping wildly in a hot wind, connected to red moth bodies smeared all over the windshield
of a Camaro going 110.

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