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Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.

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To be a poet ~ by George Eliot



To be a poet is to have a soul so quick to discern that no shade of quality escapes it, and so quick to feel that discernment is but a hand playing with finely ordered variety on the chords of emotion—a soul in which knowledge passes instantaneously into feeling, and feeling flashes back as a new organ of knowledge. One may have that condition by fits only.


~George Eliot

Picture: G. Brad Lewis / Barcroft Media


Angels never dirty their wings




an angel takes off her wings

unblemished page ripe for your ink

pale skin petal soft,  glistening

aching for teasing whispers of your brush

flushed in sweet anticipation, filled with serene trust

a sunrise unpainted~blank canvas of love & lust

her body~her mind~her heart

await re-birth into your art

mold her~shape her~sculpt her into bliss

dress every inch of skin in hues of your hidden dark

your masterpiece of every obscenely beautiful thought

a collaboration, she is your purest creation

passion given and taken~ two souls sharing freely as one

rain your joy over her in confetti of laughter

you have already colored her heart

in every shade of love





*art by Amy Judd