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Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.

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Food for Thought… for your discernment

*I hope this is readable. The text is small. I posted the link if you would like to read a larger version. It’s a great post, IMHO. 🤓 Free Thinking, baby! Breakfast of Champions and crazy conspiracy theorists everywhere. 😊 (FYI, the CIA invented that term, Conspiracy Theorists and all the negativity the MSM loves to pile onto it. After Kennedy was assassinated. Sneaky C I Aaaassholes…)


I post what interests me and makes me think. I have no hidden agenda or need for anyone to agree with me or validate me. I just enjoy sharing what I’m pondering and thinking about in my dealings with this world we all inhabit. I like to believe I’m a “free thinker”. It’s how I was raised. I have always questioned everything and have been blessed to have parents and other adults who encouraged and respected my individuality and curious nature. I am doing my best to raise my children exactly the same and it gets difficult when my views don’t appeal to their own. But, I believe in them and know that they are good people and will always be seekers of Truth and the good in life and that is a beautiful gift for me as a mother.

I hope and pray that all of you who take the time to graciously read me realize just how important you are and how much I appreciate your being in my little sliver of this vast universe.

You are most welcome here and held in high regard by little ‘ol me.

Much Peace and Love ❤️ Niki

*** I HIGHLY recommend watching this video and learning more about The Population Research Institute. I believe you will be stunned to learn the unfiltered Truth concerning our planet.

An Interview with our Founder, Fr. Paul Marx

** Various links below on population control.



The Cat is a Mercenary of LOvE ~

*Lulu, one of our 3 cats

When our cat, the cat belonging only to herself,
deigns to sleep next to me

I feel special & loved
Our cat is a good judge of character.
I believe that Cats know how & who to love.
They’re fluffy, fickle, mercenary creatures.
They pretend not to know you sometimes.
They’re more patient than dogs.
They take their Sweet Cat Time
They’re selective about which lap they wanna lay in.
They definitely hold up in comparison

to Zack, our dog
who follows & gets in their faces
like a jumping bean, bouncing
out of reach NEVER taking the hint,
NEVER getting out of Cat Space,
’til they scratch/whack him.
He’s always in a frenzy of jealousy when they’re around us.

Cats meow when they need or feel.

Zack loves people too much & rarely barks.
He tries to escape anytime he can burst thru the door, whoosh & he’s GONE, on a doggie quest
leaving pee on every mailbox
& if it’s sunny day he rolls around in a special field & comes home smelling of vile, dead things.
Cats don’t roll in manure & toxic muck
They HATE unsanitary things
maybe that makes them smarter?
to be fair, our cat, LuLu loves to lay
on counter tops & book shelves
& 5 out of 10 times she rolls right off
So, maybe Cats & Dogs are evenly matched, a bit smart, a bit stupid in their own unique way.
I adore our dog. He makes better company. He never leaves.


*photos mine.

Our dog Zack & me & just Zack.

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The Bible and Lulu

Our cat, Lulu sleeps in the weirdest places.

She’s very old for a cat, over 15.

My oldest daughter and her best friend found Lulu in the woods near our home.

She was an abandoned kitten then. She became part of our family. We love her so much.

She is quirky and loving and has accepted new cats into her midst.

She decides to sleep in the weirdest places. Lately she has chosen my son’s room. He kicked her out after 2 nights of sleeplessness and so she has been sleeping right outside his door.

I picked her up tonight and brought her with me.

She looked so damn pathetic outside that door. She let me pet her and then decided it was time to sleep again.

The TV tray that holds all kinds of stuff, including my Bible. Nothing is supposed to ever cover the Bible, but I’m guessing it’s allowed if it’s an old, banished, beautiful cat.

She decided it makes a good bed and I’m ok with that.


I See


When the earth is veiled beneath magic

Heaven’s water droplets of fog

A mist brings blindness to the corruption of man

That’s when my heart flees from my mind

My body sighs as it follows my whims

My racing legs meet wet grass amidst tombstones

I cannot be without the within

of this place of fairy tales and greys

this place where time stands still

where spirits play

where every intrusion disappears

and all that’s left is purity of nothingness

Purity of silence that used to be

before civilizations cacophony

blazed trails of destruction

I feel the dew drip upon me

surrounding me in pieces of soul

of ghosts disembodied yet whole

and for once, for one brief moment,

I am at peace

I see only nature without beams & wires

No man made contrivances

I see only Beauty of lives in an eternal earth

beneath a sun that forever lives

I see me, you, us,

all in a dream

that is the true reality



*photo mine


The Moment I Saw You


The moment I saw you
Time stood still
I was lost~ entranced
as three Fates wove us into dance
the Earth un-spun forgot her place
but, for the gods, her saving grace
The smitten Wind, tame as a lamb
laughed at the Sun sudden shy
blushing in clouds behind the sky

Under your spell Life hypnotized
and then
you looked into my eyes
You touched my soul
I held your light
a universe returned to right
Blue carousel spinning again
Chariot of gods, ghost horses ran
all frenzied haste to beat the sand

My thundering heart
the only sound
whirlwind of thoughts
spinning me round
invading skin ~ heaven and sin
tasting life ~ drowning within
a newborn joy ~ beyond the breach
love’s miracle ~ within my reach

A brave new world
finally found
Lost in a place
I’d never known
A place deeper
than skin and bone
A place my Soul
knew all along
the place was You
the place was Home


*endlessly, an Ink on Paper by LOUI JOVER