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Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.

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She is an amazing writer with an amazing soul. Her words always cut to the heart of the matters of life she expresses so honestly and courageously. I admire and respect her and I hope you read her touching words.



Meet Elise. — Musings of PuppyDoc

*Her smile reminds me so much of my oldest daughter when she was little.

Such a beautiful and courageous child.  I had to share this.

Please, everyone who reads about this precious child,

keep her in your thoughts and prayers.




• Belmopan, Belize • Elise is no average girl. Brought to the children’s home at the age of five, she was a carer of two siblings through her nights on the streets, had always been a fighter and a leader, and is now a pattern for many at her home. She also wants to be a doctor when she grows up and is already a highly skilled blood pressure taker.

via Meet Elise. — Musings of PuppyDoc

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via: When the leaves dance: thoughts on developing your voice. — hannah brencher

I just discovered this amazing writer who has already inspired me to have the courage to find my voice and truly share me in my writings.  She is truly a rare talent and one you must follow and read.  🙂

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Dear Hannah, My English teacher told us yesterday to write in our own voice and not to write descriptively, saying “can I have some water” instead of “may I partake of that liquid refreshment?” This slightly goes against everything I’ve ever learned about formal writing. I love writing descriptively and making the leaves dance between […]

via When the leaves dance: thoughts on developing your voice. — hannah brencher

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5 Simple Tweaks to Legally Protect Your Blog Right Now

There are lots of legal considerations involved with blogging. Learn how to make some quick changes in order to legally protect your blog right now.

Source: 5 Simple Tweaks to Legally Protect Your Blog Right Now

*a reblog

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The Invisible Hand of Politics — A Two Sided Truth

“All warfare is based on deception.” – Sun Tzu The world reserve currency (or anchor currency) is a big deal in international transactions.It is common in these sorts of transactions and serves as a foreign exchange reserve for countries of the world. Since World War II, the US dollar has been the primary world reserve […]

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