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Protect Our Children! Protect ALL Children!

*Must watch.

Please, please take a moment and watch this.

It’s difficult and hard to hear, but it’s not meant to be comfortable or easy. The Truth is meant to be transforming, enlightening, a fire burning hot within your heart and soul what needs to be understood.

We are all responsible when we remain silent in the face of Evil. We MUST wake up to the Truth and fight for the most innocent and precious lives of our children and the generations to come.

It’s time to face the things long hidden. It’s time to bring the darkness into the light and face it head on. It’s time to LOVE thru our actions and fight for all that is truly Good and Pure.

Our Children need ALL of us. ALL of us have a responsibility to do what is Right.



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Love Letter to America 🇺🇸 from a former KGB Officer

Yuri Bezmenov

Yuri Bezmenov was a KGB agent who became disillusioned with promise of communism and fell in love with the West. After defecting to the West, Yuri did a series of interviews, lectures, and wrote several pamphlets warning of the tactics being employed by America’s enemies to undermine civil society and usher in a new era of communism.

Considering the topics and “values” supported by the current crop of insane democrat candidates, it’s clear that Yuri knew of what he spoke. Thanks to Yuri, we have the entire blueprint of the America-hating democrat party.

In the videos below, Yuri outlines the four stages of subversion (complete chart in Love Letter to America, pg. 22):

  1. Demoralization (15-20 years)
  2. Destabilization (2-5 years)
  3. Crisis (2-6 months)
  4. “Normalization”



Yuri Bezmenov’s writings are available below (written under his pen name “Thomas Schuman”):

Love Letter to America, 1984.

Black is Beautiful Communism is Not, 1985.

No Novosti is Good News, 1985.

World Thought Police, 1986.


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Food for Thought… for your discernment

*I hope this is readable. The text is small. I posted the link if you would like to read a larger version. It’s a great post, IMHO. 🤓 Free Thinking, baby! Breakfast of Champions and crazy conspiracy theorists everywhere. 😊 (FYI, the CIA invented that term, Conspiracy Theorists and all the negativity the MSM loves to pile onto it. After Kennedy was assassinated. Sneaky C I Aaaassholes…)


I post what interests me and makes me think. I have no hidden agenda or need for anyone to agree with me or validate me. I just enjoy sharing what I’m pondering and thinking about in my dealings with this world we all inhabit. I like to believe I’m a “free thinker”. It’s how I was raised. I have always questioned everything and have been blessed to have parents and other adults who encouraged and respected my individuality and curious nature. I am doing my best to raise my children exactly the same and it gets difficult when my views don’t appeal to their own. But, I believe in them and know that they are good people and will always be seekers of Truth and the good in life and that is a beautiful gift for me as a mother.

I hope and pray that all of you who take the time to graciously read me realize just how important you are and how much I appreciate your being in my little sliver of this vast universe.

You are most welcome here and held in high regard by little ‘ol me.

Much Peace and Love ❤️ Niki

*** I HIGHLY recommend watching this video and learning more about The Population Research Institute. I believe you will be stunned to learn the unfiltered Truth concerning our planet.

An Interview with our Founder, Fr. Paul Marx

** Various links below on population control.


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It’s All Going According to Plan – NWO – Destruction of the Family – Destruction of Society – Enslaved by Elite?


Today I re-read the beginning of this article and something struck me.

The “Spirit” is referred to as proper pronoun as in an being entity or person type thing/demon.

I was raised a strict Roman Catholic, still am, though I am lax in my Sunday mass attendance due to panic attacks in large crowds. I really hate not receiving the Sacraments and I do believe that my life and my children’s life has been negatively affected in so many ways. I am struggling and really working on getting myself together by fighting the self-defeating tapes & fear of failure by immersing myself in uplifting, programs, repeating positive affirmations over & over & really focusing on the blessings in my life & the people I love who need me so much. They & I need me to be the best version of me I’m meant to be. And that’s another story which so often my depression keeps me from sharing or writing about. The ‘Spirit of depression, perhaps?

I digress. Back to what I noticed in the article. Here’s the excerpt:



“All historical periods that led to the decline of civilizations were all marked, without exception, by “the spirit of errancy of men”. Today, we must ensure that that “Spirit” will result from a “World Society of Leisure” in all its forms. This “Leisure” should consist of [Sex,], [drugs], [Sport], the [Exotic] and [Entertainment] in general, but accessible to all strata of society. Man must come to believe that it is “Modern”, and that modernity consists of its present capacity and, possibility, to enjoy greatly everything that surrounds it.”

Spirit = demon, since it is bent upon the destruction of all that is good and True, it’s probably not a Casper the Friendly Ghost spirit. IMHO 🤓                               As a Catholic I was taught and do believe the devil is an individual creature, a fallen angel banished from heaven who leads an army of hell whose sole purpose is to destroy humanity, mock Jesus and God, and take as many souls to hell with him for eternity. I was taught not to dwell on the devil much or give occult things unwarranted importance. Evil has always easily seduced so many away from what is good and true. It’s can be a deadly trap for the ignorant, naive or directionless soul. Most people abhor ugly, cruel, obvious evil. Most of us would never knowingly hurt others or wreck our futures & happiness. The trap of true badness is baited with false goods. Curiosity killed the cat. 🐈 I remember being fascinated with books on witches & witchcraft when I was in 7th grade. I even did a book report on it & I went to a Catholic school!! I grew out of that phase, although I did use a Ouiji board ONCE in high school with some friends in their civil war haunted house. STUPID. I went to Confession & never did it again. I had/have a healthy fear of the occult & it’s destructive power. As I’ve gotten older I’ve been branching out my reading habits concerning how spiritual things affect physical well being. I study/watch many spiritual speakers who inspire me. Non-Catholics speak much more about the devil & how he influences our minds & actions. I take it with a grain of salt. The Catholic Church teaches about exorcisms & deliverance from evil. And I KNOW that Holy Water does work. I’ve used it many times all over our house when everyone seemingly was angry & biting the head off each other for no reason. I’ve seen the power of prayer & blessed items in combating negativity that’s unnatural & palpable. And I know their are good spirits(Angels) that influence us for our good. I pray to my guardian angel all the time. (Pray, talk to NOT worship). I receive immense comfort in knowing I have one with me constantly.

But, inever think about the fact that there are ‘Spirits’ of evil that do the opposite of good Angels. As in much more than just whispering temptations & ugly thoughts into our imaginations. As in using others to disturb & harass & hurt us.

Is there a Spirit of Anxiety or Fear (anxiety and fear are NEVER of God, I DO know this) 😊

Anyway, as I re-read the article I noticed the mention of the Spirit of the errancy of man.

Re-read it and it makes sense. This ‘Spirit’ (demon) is ancient and summoned by men, minions of hell seeking the same prize since time began. Power, Sex, the 7 deadlies × infinity. A hell on Earth where humanity are the animals to rule,abuse,debase & destroy at the whim of an evil few. Hell’s demonic playbook of destruction for the price of their souls. It never changes. The players come and go, but the puppet masters stay the same.

The comforting thought is we already know which side wins. It’s also fascinating to realize that hell’s ‘art of war’ is a predictable, purulent, piss-poor piece of ploys and plots that are easily deduced and often diverted… If and it’s a big IF, future generations are taught the mistakes of past generations and discernment of Truth vs evil. It’s dirigur today to believe the eternal truth that mankind has a fallen nature and will forever fall prey to the lies of the serpent no matter what age he lives in. No matter how advanced his ideas. No matter how enlightened he convinces himself he is. The heart remains the same.


*If you’re interested in Angel Basics 102 this is a good article about why we have them and need them in our lives. https://www.catholicstand.com/angels-gods-servants-and-messengers/

* A great resource if you’re interested in Angel doctrine of the Catholic Church proving for their existence and the role they play in God’s plan for mankind. It’s a scholarly article, lots of historical references, opposing doctrines and practical information. A more lengthy read. Fr. Hardon is a brilliant theologian and an amazing writer. I always enjoy reading his works. 😊 http://www.therealpresence.org/archives/Angelology/Angelology_027.htm

“The Goal of the Globalist Project: The “Genocide of the Vital for the Benefit and Profit of the Occult. [“Génocide]”
Means of Financing the Project: Among other things, use of Humanitarian Aid, and of Food Aid International to finance the “Multinationals” of the 6.6.6.”