Just a Girl Lost 2

Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.

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Jacquie Prebich

Brilliant and haunting, her words weave a web of silken thought. She is not only an amazing writer and soul, she is also my dear friend. An inspiring sister of soul. Enjoy this beautiful poem. 🥀

Madwomen in the Attic

Birthday Song

danced out of my mother’s womb

naked cold

cocooned in the afterbirth of art

cord snip cut

cries mute to scream

soul activated

oh, how the harsh light hurts

this was the house I was assigned to

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A Mother Is



A mother is

Band-aids & boo boo kisses

Lullabies~eyelash wishes

Homemade brownies after school

Patience~Love~the Golden Rule

A mother is heart and soul

imperfectly perfect

thru and thru


Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers

and to all fathers who fill the role

of both mother and father.

You are LoVe! ❤



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THiS should Scare the Blinders off of you. Help protect our children. Be informed. Raise your voice. STOP this evil agenda. Please. Wake Up!
Niki ❤️

Fighting Monarch

Recently I wrote of the false flag attack, using germ warfare, engineered by Bill Gates and his affiliates at CIA, involving the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Bill Gates, False Flags, and the CoronaVirus

Bill_Gates_e_Adolf_Hitler_Just as an interrogator will evoke the fear-relief response through the Reid Technique, to elicit a false confession, the New World Order creates problems to drive us to false solutions.

false.flagsUsing OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD, through which CIA controls the media, they have created a sense of panic and urgency around a disease that has killed only 8,000 people worldwide, taking out only the very old and the very young.

mockingbird That’s hardly a global pandemic since the flu killed as many as 57,000 people in America just last year.  How come we never heard a peep about that?

mockingbird copyThrough the false flag attack, NWO means to drive us to socialized medicine and forced vaccines, which have killed tens of…

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