The Media Has Scrubbed The Internet Of This Video Exposing Soros. It’s Been Rediscovered By Reddit Users And We Have It Here

Eddie Savage | RedFlag News

It’s amazing what the user’s of Reddit’s /r/the_donald have been able to uncover this election cycle. This old video exposing the real George Soros has been virtually scrubbed from the internet. Until now.

Should this be taken down too, you can direct download the video here.

Spread this everywhere.

Soros is directly funding the anti-Trump protests happening right now across the country. This treasonous bastard needs to be arrested. Let the people know who is really pulling the strings behind the left’s relentless attack on this country.

“I cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what I do.”

George Soros


~*CLICK link below and READ, please…

George Soros Can Be Charged With Treason and Sedition