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It’s not the end of the world


I’ve decided to focus more on the positive today.

Although, sometimes I need to express my negative experiences.

It’s cathartic, yet always, somehow too revealing to my mind the next day.

I suppose it’s a throwback from me never wanting to expose my weaknesses.

But, I am human afterall and I cannot be real unless I write real.

So, being called ugly names and being written about in ugly ways,

that’s just part of life, unfortunate, but I know who I am as a person

I know what is good and bad about me

and if other’s cannot see the ‘real’ me,

it’s not the end of my world.


That would be a zombie apocalypse… ;p




Author: justagirllost2

Just a girl lost in some ways, found in others. Writing my thoughts, ideas, dreams, realities, pieces of me... not all pretty~ definitely real. I'm a mother with faith in God's divine providence that my mistakes and selfishness, my immaturity and past are all part of a journey. That all is never what it seems. That good will always claim victory and there is a plan beyond what human eyes and our fallen natures can see. My three children are my miracles, my life, my blessing and they inspire me to be a better woman and human being. I hope that you and I share and learn from each other in the beauty and reality of life on this ever evolving journey. xo ~ This is a place without masks~ without broken glass paths ~ This is a place to be free To be me~Just a girl lost XxX

9 thoughts on “It’s not the end of the world

  1. A loser (how I detest that word!) are only seen through the eyes of a loser. We are both not losers.

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  2. Don’t worry about losers, Gorgeous! Easier said than done, I know. As a writer, you’re fully entitled to write about whatever you want, dark, light and everything in between.
    Love your end line…it’s TONIGHT!!

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    • You are so right and write… ;p XOXO
      I’m trying to walk the fine line of what is important and healthy for me and what doesn’t harm others. Make sense?
      and TONIGHT! FINALLY, O M G!! I’m delighted beyond delight and super terrified. My youngest daughter said that she’s NOT watching it with me and that she already knows who dies and I stuck my fingers in my ears and went, “LaLALALa… DON’T TELL ME!” lol So, my lips are sealed until you watch it too, Gorgeous N.


  3. And as you already know it will not be end of world for us….. That is already a great sign because now we know we are moving without been worried about what others think of us…….

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  4. Yes we need to be proud of ourselves…… What other’s think or say to us is that they are talking about themselves and their thoughts… Hard at times because as humans we take all personally but looking deep we will see that we are more beautiful and worthy then what others tell us….. They are with the eyes closed thus cannot see the true real we….. You are braver stronger then you feel and see, remember this… Writing helps and it is great…. So that words and thoughts don’t stay in deep.

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