Just a Girl Lost 2

Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.

It’s as simple as that





They read, peruse, and study

they moon, they swoon like silly putty


they wish, they want, they need

they ache, they yearn, they plead

they beg, they moan, they groan

they curse, they cry, they bleed, they die

they mimic, they mirror, they rent to own

they sigh and write drivel ’bout

reading your mind,

soulmates and wet thighs


they snatch, they seize, they greedily grab

they lick, they bite, they bait, they fish

they clutch, they clench, they grip, they pinch

if they get nothing, they’ll take an inch

of every word, syllable, sentence and phrase

they’ll spin and then regurgitate

as if each letter was writ

just for them


they detectivate, they salivate, they pontificate

they re-write history to create fictions

as they mentally masturbate

to him…to him… to him… to h i m


wiggle giggle simper and smirk

with circling fins and rabid grins

never seeing that historical facts

aren’t at all, nope, not quite

their friends


Because in truth the spider’s weavings

are simply dances shared before

in a hidden ballroom on a forest floor

between just him and between just her

words and thoughts that simply were

a past of moments that now forever

simply are




Author: justagirllost2

Just a girl lost in some ways, found in others. Writing my thoughts, ideas, dreams, realities, pieces of me... not all pretty~ definitely real. I'm a mother with faith in God's divine providence that my mistakes and selfishness, my immaturity and past are all part of a journey. That all is never what it seems. That good will always claim victory and there is a plan beyond what human eyes and our fallen natures can see. My three children are my miracles, my life, my blessing and they inspire me to be a better woman and human being. I hope that you and I share and learn from each other in the beauty and reality of life on this ever evolving journey. xo ~ This is a place without masks~ without broken glass paths ~ This is a place to be free To be me~Just a girl lost XxX

8 thoughts on “It’s as simple as that

  1. Simply the best… love the flow…

    peace and love

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  2. Wow! This is amazing…very power! I love it. 🙂

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  3. This is excellent – love it. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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