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Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.

Sometimes things are black & white




Those who love you can’t always right the wrongs or stop the tears that fall,

but they’ll always love you thru it & see the real you

You have to love yourself too

Things are black and white
when you have the emotional capacity to accept the Truth

& the truth of others isn’t up to you to fix or undo

When you’re wrong admit it, apologize,

seek to make amends with sincere attrition

accept their decision

if they reject you, let them be, move on,

set yourself free
Moving on means not repeating wrongs
taking the high road &
not worrying about

being misunderstood

by those who are fools


I’m far from perfect
Closer to incorrigible
I’m never shades of grey
I’m black and white
Not a hypocrite

I’ll always stab you
in the front, never
the back

I don’t hide behind
sweet, innocent smiles getting others
to do my dirty work
I’ll dirty my own damn hands

& give you hell if you deserve it

I’ve been betrayed, lied to, fucked over royally
I know what it feels like to be hurt over, over and over

I know what it’s like to love unconditionally,

to give yourself completely and still have it never be enough.

You will get hurt, people are mean,

they made you cry…they’ll make you cry



You’re free & alive

so Suck it up and call it LIFE
STOP Bitching about it
Whining about it
over and over and over,
that’s for the cowardly & cruel

These things I have to keep telling myself

over & over and I do tell myself over & over

I have to tell myself again or I’ll drown

in my own negativity and hurt those around me

My mantra:

Count your blessings
Move forward

Live in the present in Joy

and Hope for the Future

I am not perfect, no one is,

but I’m worthy of love

just like you


Yea, it’s black and white, cause
you’re nothing but wrong

and I’m nothing but right,




*photo mine

Author: justagirllost2

Just a girl lost in some ways, found in others. Writing my thoughts, ideas, dreams, realities, pieces of me ~ not all pretty~ definitely real ~ I'm a mother with faith in God's divine providence. Belief that my mistakes and selfishness and chaotic past are a jumbled tapestry that in the end will be woven heavenly. That all is never what it seems. That good will always claim victory and there is a plan beyond what human eyes and our fallen natures can see. My three children are my miracles, my life, my blessings. They inspire me to be a better woman and human being. I hope that you and I share and learn from each other in the beauty and reality of life on this ever evolving journey. xo ~ This is a place without masks ~ without broken glass paths ~ This is a place to be free To be the me He created me to be ~ Just a girl lost XxX

12 thoughts on “Sometimes things are black & white

  1. I’m glad that you are black and white. It is refreshing. I have had enough grey thrown at me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Sydney. I write on here and then go back and think, “Yikes, that sounds harsh.” So, hard sometimes to tap into my passion without letting the strident tone take over. Hope you have a great weekend, my friend 🙂

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  2. This is such a beautiful piece. Thank you for your words they spoke to my heart😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “Acceptance”…when the mind realizes what the heart already knows

    What could have been tears us away from the joy at our disposal

    “Your eyes are the window to the soul…for those, who know what they’re seeing”


    Liked by 1 person

  4. ** fiercely clapping hands** Absolutely fucking correct!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. I suppose you can be black and white in a world that is full of disordered colors. In any event, I truly enjoy all of your writers, especially when frosted with your pic.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You are breathtaking … through your words, the sharing of your soul and your natural beauty.

    Liked by 1 person

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