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Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan~ a love story





Brian Mulroney read a touching love letter from Ronald Reagan to Nancy during Nancy Reagan’s funeral today.

Ronald Reagan was known for being a prolific writer who poured his heart into his letters.

These are portions of a love letter from Ronald Reagan to Nancy read at the funeral. In the letter, a Christmas love letter to Nancy, Ronald Reagan wrote about all the different sides of her and how he loved them all.

“There’s another gal I love who is a nest builder. If she were stuck for three days in a hotel room, she’d manage to make it home sweet home,” he wrote. “I’m also crazy about the girl who goes to the ranch with me. If we’re tidying up the woods, she’s a pee-wee powerhouse… She’s a wonderful person to sit by the fire with, or to ride with, or just to be with when the sun goes down and the stars come out.

If ever she stopped going to the ranch, I’d stop too because I’d see her in every beauty spot there is and I couldn’t stand that.”

His letter went on to read:

“Then there’s a sentimental baby I love whose eyes fill up so easily… and her laugh is like tinkling bells… Fortunately, all these women in my life are you. Fortunately for me that is, for there could be no life for me without you. Browning asked, ‘How do I love thee, let me count the ways…’ For me there is no way to count. Merry Christmas to all the gang of you: mummy, first lady, the sentimental you, the fun you, and the pee-wee powerhouse you. Merry Christtmas you all. With all my love, lucky me.”

In 1952, Ronald Reagan and Nancy Davis married. In 1972, prior to their 20th anniversary, Reagan — then Governor of California — wrote the following letter to his wife.


My Darling Wife

This note is to warn you of a diabolical plot entered into by some of our so called friends — (ha!) calendar makers and even our own children. These and others would have you believe we’ve been married 20 years.

20 minutes maybe — but never 20 years. In the first place it is a known fact that a human cannot sustain the high level of happiness I feel for more than a few minutes — and my happiness keeps increasing.

I will confess to one puzzlement but I’m sure it is just some trick perpetrated by our friends — (Ha again!) I can’t remember ever being without you and I know I was born more than 20 mins ago.

Oh well — that isn’t important. The important thing is I don’t want to be without you for the next 20 years, or 40, or however many there are. I’ve gotten very used to being happy and I love you very much indeed.

Your Husband of 20 something or other.


*What a beautiful love story.




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6 thoughts on “Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan~ a love story

  1. It was such a beautiful tribute. I watched it all on tv yesterday.

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    • Yes. I watched her funeral. Very touching. I am definitely going to read the book of all his love letters to her. It was a bit sad too. The children seemed left out. Such a fiery love burns only enough for two perhaps. Still, it was and is an inspiring story of love and soulmates 💕


  2. They were a great love story.

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  3. Two people with the ability to grow together…

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