Just a Girl Lost 2

Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.

let the blind remain fools


Let the murders of crows lurk in breathless repose to stalk and gawk your words as shiny things beside their cookbooks, creams and diamond rings

let the barren sow stolen seeds as memories from their fruitless souls of empty means

let the trolls toil and toll fairy tales of ink from their sinkhole hearts and daily drink

let the ghosts of a past unwritten haunt, hunt, taunt and hawk tawdry lines of lies to the vapid masses and rabid lasses who pine to be the reason for your shine

let the narcissists drown in waters of presumption and conspicuous consumption seeing their reflection in words unmeant for them

let the jaded and faded continue their reign of insanity penning deceitful conceits and inelegant profanities

let them write and creep and pine and weep until their twisted fingers bleed …


for I have eyes for no other

I have ties to no other

I see only two of us, me and you

in this, our reality of truth

we are the dreamers of this dream that no others can conceive

every line you write to me is a song my soul sings

between the air we breath there is no end or beginning

I see beyond and beneath

I see only the promise of us, an unwavering belief held deep within the core of me

I see you from the depths of this heart

you’ve taken from me

that I have given to you

freely, blissfully, adoringly

utterly, completely

so, let the blind remain fools

I see









Author: justagirllost2

Just a girl lost in some ways, found in others. Writing my thoughts, ideas, dreams, realities, pieces of me... not all pretty~ definitely real. I'm a mother with faith in God's divine providence that my mistakes and selfishness, my immaturity and past are all part of a journey. That all is never what it seems. That good will always claim victory and there is a plan beyond what human eyes and our fallen natures can see. My three children are my miracles, my life, my blessing and they inspire me to be a better woman and human being. I hope that you and I share and learn from each other in the beauty and reality of life on this ever evolving journey. xo ~ This is a place without masks~ without broken glass paths ~ This is a place to be free To be me~Just a girl lost XxX

8 thoughts on “let the blind remain fools

  1. “let the ghosts of a past unwritten haunt, hunt, taunt and hawk tawdry lines of lies to the vapid masses and rabid lasses who pine to be the reason for your shine”

    I loved this

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautifully written. You are an idealist, but so romantic, too. A wonderful contradiction.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautifully penned justagirllost2…

    Peace and love


  4. Lovely writing, you are such an idealist, aren’t you? 🙂
    Have a beautiful night gorgeous xo

    Liked by 1 person

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