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Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.

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On These Grey Days

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You vibrate through me

Your existence blankets me

Your thoughts enfold me

in the warmth of knowing

I am never alone


You are the flame always burning

calling out to me as my own draw

new life from you


My horizon, my sun, you

always, no matter how foul my mood

your words surround, hold, comfort, enfold

Your soul shines

as I wander in mists of purgatory

lost until I feel you again


You are a guiding star, always near

though I fall and falter

though I run in fear

Your light burns my midnight alive


I smile in the storm

I smile past the pain,

if only for a little while, I smile


Your words remind me

There is

hope and beauty

There is

love and magic

There is joy surrounding me

in every seeming tragedy

That I am

blessed beyond belief


That I have souls who

depend upon and need me

That I am worthy to be

loved unconditionally


Your words spin webs

of tranquility

Your words remind my heart

to beat again

Your inner strength

unbinds me

reminds me, ‘This too shall pass’


I see you, I see into your heart

I see your faith in me

I see that I need to rise

to the truth

and nobility existing

within and around me


I see myself

in a mirror untainted

I see myself in you


You see me through eyes of beauty

You accept me with impunity


I smile as I whisper your name

in thanks I praise your existence

in this world, in my world


I pray you feel my kisses I send

upon gentle winds, across infinity

My lips curved in a soft smile

in wordless joy for your gift to me


Your soul, your poetry

washes me new

I feel clean, I feel free


I feel redeemed

on these grey days

touched by you




*photo mine

*this is a part of a longer poem I posted earlier


Astral Plains


I have flown

upon astral plains

at night

in dreams

of sad refrains


For, the stars

are only dead lights

Alive by sight


Long, long gone

Masks in the sky

A cosmic illusion

of what was,

not what is


A time warp of energy

reaching out to me

reminding me

of who I used to be


I wonder where they go to live,

once they unquietly die?