Just a Girl Lost 2

Just a girl lost~ Here I share bits & pieces of me, in poetry, prose, music & posts from writers who inspire me.


I Am Each Living Thing



In setting skies of dusky sighs
my soul glides

I am the drifting clouds touching heaven
I am the dew forming on shards of grass
giving refreshment to a thirsting earth

I am the living blood coursing through all creatures
worn in body from earthly toil

I sing in harmony with the Cicada’s songs
their shadowy music of life & continuations reflect
Love’s eternal hope

My spirit finds solace in the cooling winds
calling from distant vistas of unseen mountains

I am each living thing
Reborn as darkness falls

It is in God’s arms
that I am home



*image of Louisiana swamp, Pinterest

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Fulton Sheen on Freedom

Archbishop Fulton Sheen was and is one of the greatest speakers and teachers of our time. His wisdom and his teachings on humanity and the fight between Good and evil are timeless and unfortunately timely for our times.

Our Lady and Sheen

Archbishop Sheen’s writings are absolutely amazing.  He wrote 30, 40, 50, 60 and more years ago, and yet his writings echo true today in 2010.  His passion, and compassion, shine through with the most impeccable clarity and charity.  Some say that he was a prophet, which as Christians we are all called to be.   I think of him this way, calling people of his own time and the future back to the Truth, which is the love of Christ.  The article I will be quoting can be found here and is from 1943.

A proof that we are in danger of losing it [freedom], is that everyone is talking about it. If you suddenly came into a country where everyone was talking about the health of the lungs, you would immediately conclude that a disastrous microbe was rampant.

This simple yet profound statement is one that we can relate to…

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A Reply to the Discouraged Seminarian: There Are 6,000 Reasons to Remain Catholic

CP&S comment. On May 19th we published a disturbing testimony from 1Peter5 by an unnamed seminarian who was about to leave the seminary due to his total disillusionment with the current state of the Church. Finding no point anymore in his vocation to become a priest when the modernist formation he had been receiving denied […]

A Reply to the Discouraged Seminarian: There Are 6,000 Reasons to Remain Catholic


King of Lies


My Love obscene
Condemned to die
by a court of One
the King of Lies
Thief of my thoughts
this Judas Priest
Blackmailer punk
My soul sold cheap
Carried his cross
led on his leash
A genius of insanity
With gifts of dirt
& blasphemies
He buried me
He ate my wings
Rabid for
my blood repents
In recompense for every sin
I lay upon
stripped to skin
His Holy Grail
a bed of nails
His every pain
I bled for him
how he loved
to make me die

again and  again

and again



image by Lithuanian photographer Algis Griškevičius.

*in honor of #arielpoets I’m reposting this. The theme @arielpoets this month of January is Betrayal